PROPEL Zanzibar seeks to support the implementation of a peaceful election in 2015 on the island of Zanzibar by creating awareness among political leaders and a wide range of key electoral stakeholders of their responsibility in reducing the potential for the outbreak of violent conflicts as well as confronting possible oubreaks of violence quickly and efficiently. This project does not seek to solve all the challenges faced in Zanzibar and Tanzania. It is a specifically targeted intervention that seeks to prevent the outbreak of violent conflict in Zanzibar leading to and immediately after the elections in 2015 (and possibly the Constitutional Referendum, if this takes place around the project timeline). The project aims to contain the situation in Zanzibar and allow the Tanzanians, the EU and the International Community the space to implement more comprehensive peace-building and development programmes.


The concrete deliverables proposed under the Project are:


  • Mediation services on conflict prevention to political party leaders, state officials, religious leaders and non-state actors in Zanzibar; 
  • Dialogue and mediation support services to identify, support and implement national- and community level conflict mitigation and resolution processes;
  • Awareness-raising and capacity building in support of political reconciliation and peaceful elections.