The Project team is composed of professionals with longstanding experience in project management and operations but also in the core thematic areas of expertise underpinning the Project namely conflict management, mediation and political dialogue.


The Project team can be seen as consisting of three layers. The core Project staff are responsible for driving the implementation and developing all aspects of the content and strategic planning of the Project.  Then, a number of carefully selected mid and short-term experts each with specialist expertise in their specific aspect of the Project have been assigned to dedicated activity clusters. The Project core team will ensure smooth coordination and exchange between the clusters. The Project team will also gather information from each cluster and bind it together with the qualitative analysis which the Project will accrue during its lifetime for reporting and evaluation purposes.


The specialist seconded staff members will also be assigned activity clusters and work in close collaboration with the expert responsible for the cluster in question.


The back-office functions include the financial, administrative and logistical aspects of the Project. These are headed by a Finance and Administration Manager who is in charge of audits, contracts, verification of any outgoings, transfer, financial reporting and the supervision of supporting staff including local staff. The Project comprises in total 17 positions and an additional 5 local seconded positions.


The progress of the project will be enhanced through constant information updates and strategic planning between the core staff and experts in each area, with exception for the mediation between political parties component which is clearly delineated from the other activities in order safeguard the integrity of the process.