Training LEAD ToT



The Training of Trainers on Leadership, Conflict Management and Mediation took place on 21-26 September 2015 in Stone Town, Zanzibar. The training was facilitated by Rindai Chipfunde-Vava and welcomed 19 participants, representing the Zanzibari civil society organisations and the Tanzania Police Force. Several topics around the link between leadership and electoral cycle management were discussed as well as the role of each electoral stakeholder in the different phases of the electoral process. The training started by the screening of the film An African election produced by Jarreth Mertz relating the presidential election in Ghana in 2008, which shows how electoral conflict can be avoided due to the effective management of the election. This film weaves a thread through the course and is used as an educational tool and as a source of discussion. All the discussions during the training were directed toward the meaning and importance of regular elections, and the identification of components of a credible and transparent election. The participants had the opportunity to identify potential election conflict and where mediators may be required. A special emphasis was put on case-studies in order to initiate participants to conflict management strategies. The last two days of the training focused on introduction of the participants to facilitation skills and electoral observation.The participants acquired the status of "semi-certified" LEAD trainers. This means that they now qualify, under the supervision of LEAD certifying trainer, to train their peers in the LEAD curriculum in the following cascade trainings.