Planning Meeting

The Planning Meeting of Propel Zanzibar Project is took place on 24 August 2015, in Stone Town, Zanzibar.


During the meeting, an overview of PROPEL Project (Project in Support of a Peaceful and Inclusive Electoral Process in Zanzibar) was presented, underlining the activities planned until Summer 2016 and possibly beyond, the visibility elements of the project and the results achieved so far.


The meeting was attended by representatives of the local associates (Zanzibar Interfaith Center, Global Network for Religions for Children, Association of Non-Governmental Organisations in Zanzibar (ANGOZA) and the Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA), ECES HQ representative: Victoria Florinder, Election Conflict Management Advisor, ECES local representatives: Anne-Sofie Gerhard, ECES Local Representative and Project Director, Gwendolen Morgan, Senior Project Officer and Legal Advisor, and Project Experts: Guy Banim (Political Dialogue and Mediation Coordinator), Stephen Beale (Capacity Development Advisor) and Alban Biaussat (Religious Groups, Tolerance and Political Dialogue Expert).