Mobile Cinema Campaign kicks off

Political Safari Mobile Cinema Campaign kicks off 10th October


PROPEL project launched the ‘Mobile Cinema’ campaign on the 10th of October.

On the first day, the film ‘An African Election’ by the director Jarreth Merz was screened in Dunga, South of Unguja. The Sheha of the Dunga community, teachers, head teachers and members of the Dunga community were all invited to the Dunga School to attend. Later in the evening, the movie campaign had its official launch at the Old Fort of in Stone Town, the Urban district of Unguja, with 120 attendees. 

The Head of the EU Delegation of Tanzania, Ambassador Filiberto Ceriani Sebregondi welcomed the public to the screening with his opening speech.


During second day, the Zanzibar International Film Festival ( ZIFF) and ECES crew  took ‘An African Election’ to "Haile Selassie School", situated in the urban district of Unguja and the film was screened for the teachers, district officials, and a few from the general public. This screening was attended by  25 people. In the evening, the mobile cinema travelled to Matarumbeta Field in Baja. Baja is located in the urban district of Unguja.The people were situated on the Football Field, however some of the residents enjoyed the documentary from the comfort of their own homes.


During the forth day,  the crew travelled to Northern Unguja, more specifically in Kinyasini. The morning screening was held at the Barefoot College and members of the Women’s Center were invited, as well as residents of the Kinyasini area. 


After a successful screening at the Barefoot College, ECES and ZIFF crew headed to Mkokotoni for the scheduled screening at the Soccer Grounds. The turn-out of people was incredible! The Kitope community hosted the evening screening of ‘An African Election’. Kitope is situated in Northern Unguja. The screening was held at the Kitope soccer grounds and the number of people in attendance was really encouraging. The public were invited to the screening and  the Sheha of Kitope  introduced the event to the public.

On fifth day , ECES and ZIFF crew headed to the Island of Tumbatu, which is located in the North of Unguja.The screening was held at Tumbatu School and the invited guests included teachers, the headmaster of the school, young people from the community and the Sheha of Tumbatu. 


The members of the Dole community kicked off their morning by joining the film crew at the Mikindani School for an early screening of ‘An African Election’. Dole is situated in the West of Unguja. Again, were invited teachers, head teachers, members of the teachers association, students of the MikindaniSecondary School and the Sheha of the Dole community.