Dubbing in Kiswahili of the film An African Election


After weeks of hard work, translation and rehearsals, the project moves to the studio. Photos below of Zanzibari top film production company JICHO, Farida Nyamachumbe, Professor Martin Mandho and actors recording the Kiswahili translation of An African Election. Not deterred by a lengthy power cut and generator failure earlier this week, the team reassembled again for a marathon 18 hour session from 9am to 4am at the ZBC recording sessions in Kariakoo. 

For weeks beforehand, the team worked on the draft translation and watched the film over and over to get familiar with the characters and fine-tune the script so as to capture the nuances perfectly and soften some of the language, which is often gentler in form here in Zanzibar than in Ghana. The recording is now in the edit suite to be carefully intermingled with the film’s original soundtrack. The final reel will be test-screened before a Zanzibari audience who will hopefully give it the final seal of approval before it is launched at the iconic Stonetown Fort, before travelling across all districts of Unguja and Pemba.


The Director, Jarreth Merz, will join the film on its journey of peace across Zanzibar. ECES is delighted to have the talents of JICHO and ZIFF on board the PROPEL project to enrich the SINEMA SAFARI YA AMANI film screening campaign before the elections on 25 October 2015. The sensitisation campaign is being coordinated by ECES Gwendolen Morgan, Senior Project Officer and Legal Adviser.